This option is all about you. What would you like to cover?

I’ve noticed that some people would rather spend their time in a session tailored specifically for them, at their own pace with the openness of discussion that sometimes group sessions can’t allow.

We would start with a discussion and a review of your work and then I will propose some topics, principles and ideas specific to you and in a way that you can embrace. Usually these sessions take place on a weekday at my home in Gloucester and run from 10:00-16:00Hrs. I will provide a nice Pub Lunch. We know that the human brain can only absorb so much at a certain speed, so I am aware of this and will pace the day to suit you and make sure that each step is clear before moving on.

£325 for the day.

I can come to your home or your studio at a cost of 50p per mile each way (dependant upon distance) and you buy the lunch. I can also provide models, studios and outdoor locations if appropriate at cost. Contact me for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Ballet Dancer picture, An example of a high frame for display on a wall