Introduction to using Contrasts

Very many thanks to the people that have taken the time to complete the recent round of questions in the survey. The question that I wanted to answer was: “How much contrast do you need to identify a subject to the viewer”?

A 5% difference in luminosity is identifiable by approximately 80% of people.

A 10% difference in luminosity is identifiable by approximately 95% of people.

Position of the higher contrast subject made minimal difference and can be considered negligible in this study. There were a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 189 distinct IP addresses responding to the survey.

Additional questions have been raised in the area of “Which do we see as the sharper edge, white against grey or black against grey”? I think this will require calibrated screens for an accurate assessment. It didn’t seem to make a difference wether the screen was calibrated or not in this survey.

The PDF introducing the principles of contrast in art and photography is here and free to download for those that took part in the survey. I ask others to make a donation equivalent to a cup of coffee if they think the information in the PDF is useful to them.

Many thanks again, the password on the PDF is    thebrainsees

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Click here for the Introduction to Contrast Article

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