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I love research. The ability to think of something and then use the internet to follow your train of thought will invariably lead you to Wikipedia. I donated a measly £3 today, I also do some research and editing for Wiki. We live in “The Information Age”; just about any question can be researched online. Some internet whizz-brains have made fortunes, others donate their time and effort for free but there are real costs. I’ve just spent $50 on some survey software for this site. I know it’s not a lot but it is my money to allow me to answer questions I have about photography and pictures. I have had had one person donate £2.50 (many thanks to you sir). It would be great for those of us that can afford these small donations to sometimes click on the “Donate” button if we feel that the information has some value to us. I’m not looking to make money out of the research that I’m doing and I’m willingly sharing the results and analysis. If anyone feels that they’d like to help me cover my costs, feel free to donate a cup of coffee.. 🙂

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