Mapping the mind of the photographer

I have recently started to use mindmaps in coaching sessions and am finding them fascinating for looking at how photographers think about taking a shot. I think it is probably a very good and fast way of learning about taking pictures and want to do some research into this. To that end, it would be great if you would download the attached file, password is   –   mindmap    – and complete a mind map, either using software or by hand and photographed/scanned so that you can send it to me. The content will remain confidential. My goal is to come up with a series of mindmaps for photographers at different levels and perhaps different topic genres. It is not surprising that most photographers will do some of the thinking unconsciously and some of the photographers will do most of the thinking unconsciously.

Many thanks to those of you that have already completed and returned the mindmaps. The results are fascinating and I will publish my findings in due course, as always.


Please email me the completed mind map –

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